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ICNET Inspection Group

International inspection company ICNET Inspection Group was registered in Dubai in 2010 (2010) and after receiving ISO 17020 approval from the English authority AIUK, with the participation of the Globalqcert Laboratory in Jebel Ali port, it started its inspection activities in the field of bitumen and oil and until now. In line with the inspection of petroleum products, it is the trusted laboratory of Intertech and SGS international inspection companies, as well as the inspection subcontractor for Kenya and Tanzania.

In 2016, ICNET Inspection Group succeeded in obtaining ISO 17065 international approval from the NISAB Institute of Canada. By receiving this approval, it has the necessary ability to perform all safety tests in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical industry, and during 4 years, many international agreements have been signed. concluded with the oil companies of the Persian Gulf region as a subcontractor for oil and equipment inspections, which continues until now, including cooperation with the Balkan inspection giant Baltic Control Company of Denmark as the representative of Iran until 2018, the contractor for the Eurocontrol inspection on Draft Survey in the Middle East, Cooperation with:Iraq’s Golf Asis Energy, Sitek Company, France’s Biro Veritas and finally being approved as a branch of Interteck Inspection Co. in Iran after 6 years of sanctions from the beginning of 2020

Strategy And Vision

In 2020, the international inspection group ICNET Inspection Group decided to register in Iran and obtain the approvals of Iran’s national qualification authority, and after registering in the Tehran Companies Registration Office, the No-Avaran High Inspection Control Company issued the test number (ICNET 548606)
The request of the Iraqi embassy to visit the company’s office for the simultaneous establishment of a branch of Intertek in Iran has been announced to Iran’s standards department and it has submitted the necessary documents to obtain a national inspection permit to this institution.